The Cost of Financial Distractions

Stress over income insecurity has a business cost: As more employees worry about finances, productivity and performance suffer which leads to expensive consequences for employers.

This stress also takes a toll on staff. Half of all employees report they worry about their personal finances while on the job, and more than 40% say that their level of stress about financial issues has increased over the past year (PwC, 2018. Employee Financial Wellness Survey: 2018 Results).

Employers have a role in supporting their employees' financial well-being, and Filene's research shows there are economical benefits in doing so, but it starts by understanding the impact of financial stress.


Enter the number of employees (FTE) at your organization to estimate the costs to productivity.

Enter the average FTE hourly wage and benefits. If left empty, the calculator will use the national average credit union employee hourly wage and benefits of $40.60/hour.